I was twelve years old on summer time vacationing at uncle´s Jorge house.
Since there he had a photo studio and teach me how to use a professional film camera.
I remember he allowed me to spent lots of film and provided with free developing and printing all my pictures really bad pictures just for fun.

Back then i liked photography but i never thought about it as a job.

I started to get deeper in photography until i got  my first  DSLR camera back in 2004.
For a few years i was learning and playing photography also helping some friends.
I took as courses as i could to shoot different things and situations.

in 2008 I realized that i had to quit my website developing job. Because it was a job, I liked web design but i was not fascinated about it.
I also realize that the only constant in my life that i really loved was photography.

I started to practice more and take little assignments and bought more equipment.
Also started to assist professional photographers in different fields like large group photos, weddings, family shoots, product shots, editorial, maternity, quinceañeras.
At the end I really liked weddings, i like couples, i like to be in this special day.
More than photography it is a dream day for the couple filled with great moments.
I tried shooting many things but weddings is my best fit, it is a great responsibility but also a great opportunity to have a great time.

Mi goal is help people to get good pictures and offer great quality and personalized service.
What i have done so far is thanks to God and my family which is all for me.
I can't measure success with money achievements i measure it as i enjoy my work, for that reason i consider myself very blessed and successful.

Here is some chronological events that i consider really important in my life as photographer.

  • 1986 (more less) uncle jorge give me away my first film camera and let me print hundreds of photos for free
  • 1988 uncle jorge give me away a reflex camera and also let me print hundreds of photos for free
  • 2004 I Got my first DSLR and started shooting like crazy until the shutter broke.
  • 2005 i started to take small assignments
  • 2008 I decided to quit  web developing to be a pro photographer
  • On 2010 i started Macmex Photography with my friend Dan Dimov he already had 20 years taking weddings, i loved the adventure but after one year and a half and a healthy business i wanted to take my own approach and principles.
  • I officially started Capturaimagen on the beginning of 2012