Puerto Vallarta wedding photography coverage will help you tell your history showing all the love you have and what has led you to want you to share your lives together.

The ideal coverage for your wedding always starts before the wedding .

Previous session

[caption id="attachment_905" align="alignright" width="150"]Previous session to wedding Photo Session[/caption]

Previous photo sessions to the wedding are super recommended.
In the previous session the couple knows more a photographer and a link of trust is created.
Photos from the previous session gives you many possibilities, you can have a picture on the easel for your wedding , a before married album , a presentation with photographs , or an album of signatures and even put on the invitations.

Getting ready to the wedding

[caption id="attachment_1872" align="alignright" width="150"]Puerto Vallarta bride getting ready Puerto Vallarta bride getting ready[/caption]

The getting ready of the bride and groom is very important because it describes the last minutes of his life as singles.
Also shows the  the transition to a new life partner.
The last moments before the wedding are full of feelings, anxiety  and love.
It is a great moment for the closest to the couple to be around to be as they can help and share this important moments.
Every detail counts , from the dress , the suit , the blessing , the flowers , the rings , and the company of your family and closest friends .

Your wedding

[caption id="attachment_1874" align="alignright" width="150"]Puerto Vallarta wedding toast Puerto Vallarta wedding[/caption]

During your wedding day we are capturing the moments and details as they happen spontaneously .
We direct and help some shots with you, your family and guests, as the situation requires.
We will be watching from start to finish to obtain images that we make your day unforgettable.

Just married sessions and Trash the Dress

[caption id="attachment_1875" align="alignright" width="150"]Puerto Vallarta wave splash trashing the dress Puerto Vallarta  trash the dress[/caption]

After the wedding sessions is highly recommended as it allows the couple to act more naturally, without having the time over also without worrying about the dress, costume or makeup .
This is an opportunity to have fun and get beautiful photos .
Trash the dress sessions are very popular in Puerto Vallarta,  most of them are done in the beach, not all locations are great for the trash the dress but there are some hotspots that really look great, most of these hotspots are north and south from Puerto Vallarta.
Trash the dress is not limited to the beach we have great locations on the mountains, some creeks and also some old very Mexican towns nearby.
this sessions can be a real fun adventure.

Puerto Vallarta wedding photography

Puerto Vallarta has a great weather for weddings, it is great for photography most of the year except from July to September when afternoons are risky to make  an outdoor wedding or  photo shoot.
Photos in rain are and adventure they are fun but also is not everybodys choice.
From July to September is the cheapest time to come and many places are ready for the rain with a location next to beach.
The best time to make your wedding in Puerto Vallarta is probably from November June, when the weather is pleasant, many people prefer from November to april which has the best weather.

A few tips to have great pictures on your wedding day

  • Have light
    A key rule to have good pictures is to have light, if you have light you have a good great chances of great pictures.
    Plan your wedding schedule according to light time, sunrise and sunset change in Puerto Vallarta.
    Also avoid times when light is to harsh.
    To make this decisions your wedding coordinator can photographer can help you.
  • Be picky choosing your photographer 
    Another tip is be picky when you choose your photographer a good photographer will try to help you to get good pictures and make you feel good on the first place.
  • Pic a great location.
    If you pick up a great location for your wedding chances are it will help a lot with the pictures
  • Be happy, positive and relaxed
    If you are happy it will show up on the pictures, if you are positive you wont be disappointed if something doesn't come exactly as you wanted, and if you are relaxed you will really enjoy your wedding.