Puerto Vallarta wedding photography Refund Policy

All payments for wedding services are refundable for 3 days from the time of purchase. Cancellations must be provided in writing to our mail.
Any subsequent cancellation of the wedding services is subject to a $1,250 cancellation fee and refunds will only be made for payments made in excess of that amount.
All payments for wedding services are non-refundable within 60 days of the wedding date.

If your wedding services are rescheduled due to a change in the wedding date, we will accommodate the change, provided that the new date and time do not conflict with our schedule. If we are unable to provide coverage at the new date and time, the refund policy stated above will apply. In the event we agree to a rescheduled wedding date for the services, the prices listed above may be modified by by us to our then-current market rate, we reserve the right to recoup any fees already paid to Capturaimagen photographers or filmmakers for rescheduled services.
Reductions in contracted hours may result in reassignment of your photographer without your approval. You will be ineligible to request a change in your assigned photographer under any of the following conditions: i) your wedding is booked less than 4 months from the wedding day, or ii) your Wedding Planner is not completed less than 45 days from your wedding day. A link to your on-line Wedding Planner will be emailed to you within 14 days of booking with Capturaimagen Pictures and contains critical information regarding the start time and exact locations for all venues selected to be included in your wedding day coverage.