This the most important requirement for your trash the dress:

  • Bring optimism and attitude to have fun

And these are some of the the most common tips for your TTD

  • consider waterproof mascara and makeup
  • consider underwear you can wet, and it wont show off with water
  • Consider using flip flops, crocs, or similar
  • Consider some gloss to the session will allow refresh your lips
  • Be careful to not to get too sunburned days before
  • use hair spray or other products to hold your hair in place, (If your hair gets wild) : the beach is normally windy .
  • Bring some towels to get dry
  • Sunglasses, hats, flowers, and other accessories is a big plus to bring
  •  you may consider a bag for wet clothes
  • you may consider set of dry cloth to change after you are done
  • if clothes are dirty it doesn't really matter it is going to be more dirty

TTD sessions should really be be seen as a fun day out with your loved one, except with a photographer there to capture the moment.
It’s the candid moments that turn out the best—so don't be afraid to show affection, laugh and jump for joy!