Puerto Vallarta trash the dress

The trash the dress session is an informal photo session.(ttd= The trash the dress).

It is normally done a few days after your wedding day,
Most of the times it is not recommended the day after, you may be tired or even hangover.
However It is very funny, there is no more rush with the schedule, and you don't have to be worry about getting your dress dirty.

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Trash the dress your way
  • Beside from the beach we have other locations
  • The mountain
  • The tropical jungle
  • Rivers and creeks
  • Downtown area
  • The malecon
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel and golf locations
  • old country towns, they are old and escenic, some of them very rustic.
    like San Sebastian wich was a mining town centuries a go and now it looks like the time has not pass on it.
  • Country fields
  • rocky areas
  • Marina areas
  • Buildings and urban areas
  • Marietas island trip

Puerto Vallarta trash the dress on the beach can be awesome but I like the couples to think on the trash the dress a something personal and fun. 

If you have and activity you love why not to wear your wedding dress and doit and lets make some great photos!!! 

We put no NO LIMITS to the location we can achieve daring images according to your personality, you can pic different locations to have your own adventure. 

Trash the dress sessions should really be be seen as a fun day out with your loved one, except with a photographer there to capture the moment. 
It’s the candid moments that turn out the best—so don’t be afraid to show affection, laugh and jump for joy! 

Our advantages 
Advantages of investing with us for your wedding photography or your photo session 

Freestyle photography, we love capture real moments but also will whatever be required to help you the best possible images, 
you will have a professional team to help you, we want you to have images to feel proud. 

you are licensed to print and share as you want 

You will be able to show of your friends your great pictures in great gallery 

Our Price-Quality relationship is the best in town 

Contact and tips 
If you are doing your trash the dress please check our trash the dress tips 

we will gladly help you for questions or bookings!!!