Puerto Vallarta wedding photography

I´m Joel Avalos a wedding photographer based in Puerto Vallarta i do and love destination wedding photography.
See our wedding photos. Check our client reviews or contact us.
My wedding photography is natural and emotional, with a enjoyable and relaxed flow.
My heart and eyes love to tell a great history and the best of your personality and love.

A wedding means for me a day full of emotion, in my own wedding I felt crazy in love, nervous, anxious, happy, fulfilled en so on.
There is no words that could explain it, only people who has been really in love knows what i´m saying.
If you have a strong feeling about your wedding and you like the way i shoot then i have something for you.
In a wedding i capture spontaneous moments to tell the real history, i avoid interfering with the wedding to capture real moments naturally.
For your friends and family photos i will assist you to make clean and beauty photos.
For your session i will assist to make your photos great but i will give the  freedom  to enjoy your time with your partner.

Places and things that make a photo

Puerto Vallarta is my personal paradise and a perfect backdrop for your wedding for your memories.
There are many things that are important for wedding photography like timing, seasons, locations, venues, stylist, florist, however nothing be beats moments and emotions that is what makes your history great. See our wedding photos.

When you are choosing a wedding location, you just can’t find more romance or attention to detail than our beautiful bay, the places we love the most is Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita and some exclusive private awesome spots.
Couples will find different flavors when getting married in Puerto Vallarta.

Book your wedding

You can secure your date whenever you are ready to book.
If you have a strong feeling about your wedding and you like the way i shoot then I’ll be honored to capture your memories!!!.
To book your date, We send you a paypal link for a non-refundable retainer of ( 30% approx).
Also we send out your agreement with your service selection.
Once the invoice is paid and confirmed your date will be secured.
You can sign and return a snapshot of the agreement by email. Book your wedding

Photography assessment 

We provide photography and assessment to brides, as local  i know key places and timing to make the best of your event.

I regularly assist brides looking for place to make your trash the dress session or give tips about a wedding venue, if you have a question we will be happy to help, i love talking to help and meet couples to be married.  Let me know about your wedding.

Wedding locations

Our main area for weddings and sessions are Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Punta Mita, San Pancho and Sayulita. 
I have covered weddings also in and Guadalajara, Mazatlan, Mexico city, and I’m available for everywhere for your wedding  if you connect with the way I shoot.  See our wedding photos.

Wedding Coverage

Your wedding photography coverage starts before your wedding begins. 
I  love meet you before the wedding day. 
This way we know each other, and also we know the details that will help you get an ideal coverage. 

We arrive with lots of time before ceremony.
The Getting ready is to capture the important moments and things on the transition to a new life.

As bride and groom are getting ready for the wedding, we start capturing the story of your day. 

It is an emotional and exciting time.
Last moments as single with your loved people, The location, the dress, the clothes, the flowers, rings, and details.
The bride and groom are getting dressed, the blessing, and specially the bond between friends and family who are close to you in this time.
This how we start however we will follow your event get the best images of your greatest moments.   See our wedding coverage photos.

Wedding sessions

Your wedding session is great opportunity to make great photos on a beautiful location.
We have amazing hotspots from north to south from Puerto Vallarta.
Beside from the beach and wedding venues, we have great locations on the mountains, creeks and also some old Mexican towns nearby.
For the engagement or trash the dress session some couples choose from 1 to 8 hours, depending on how many locations and how big adventure you want to take.
The couples i like are the ones that think of the session as a fun time with a photographer to capture your love , joy and personality.
There are 3 different sessions involve to a wedding, the engagement session, the wedding session and the trash the dress session.
 See our wedding sessions photos.

Engagement sessions 

It is a session a few days or even months before the wedding, the session can be casual or with your own personal style.
Normally with one or more outfits
it’s a great a chance for us to capture your love and share it with the world.
See our engagement photos.

Trash the Dress (TTD)(or just married session) 

After the wedding trash the dress is a great opportunity to make fun photos on a great location
we recommend to leave a day or more to rest.
No worries about being crazy, fun and silly or getting wet or dirty.
See our trash the dress photos.

The wedding session 

It is the couple session on your wedding day, some times it involves family  and wedding party but the main focus it is the couple and bride and groom alone.
See our wedding session photos. 

Wedding coordinator

A wedding coordinator reduces the stress of planning, provides everything you need for an beautiful wedding.
Wedding coordinator makes enjoyable and romantic scenes, she can make the wedding of your dreams.
A good Wedding coordinator knows the providers she can trust, almost all the providers are locals.
She will help you with your dealing and organizing everything. 
If your wedding is medium to large you will definitely need one.
She will meet the providers and make sure everything runs smooth. 
This creates a relaxing getaway for your family and friends to enjoy.
Beside from all that they coordinate with us to make the most of your photos.
The coordinator will coordinate the time with us the photographers to make sure you have good light for your location. 

Wedding venues

​Puerto Vallarta location and venues Puerto Vallarta is located in the pacific, right in the middle of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is a small port but we are surrounded by other towns, residential and touristic complexes.
​Romantic and breathtaking places for your dining reception, Puerto Vallarta is also the culinary jewel in the Pacific at the Mexican Riviera, Jalisco, we have great spots for a memorable lunch or dinner and an amazing encounter with Nature in your wedding.

Private Villas is the most flexible option for your wedding venue as it will be only for you and you can do your wedding in your very own way.

Puerto Vallarta wedding season

The weather in Puerto Vallarta allows to extend the wedding season almost all year, except from Middle July to mid October that is our rain season.