how to get a good wedding photography coverage including description tips and photos.

Fast tips for lazy readers

  • Meet before the wedding day to detail schedule and wedding coverage.
  • Enjoy your wedding day, if you enjoy your day we will capture good emotions.
  • Program  some time for family and friends shoots and couple alone pictures .
  • Pick a  location with good lighting  for your wedding
  • Start your coverage 1-3 hours before ceremony  to shoot details and bride getting ready.
  • Cover from the getting ready  to the last meaningful part of your event.
  • Plan for a trash the dress  to make fun photos on a great location, No worries about being crazy, fun and silly or getting wet or dirty.

The long read

Getting Ready and preparations 

Your wedding photography coverage starts before your wedding begins.
It is always recommended meet before the wedding day.
This way we know each other, and also we know the details that will help you get an ideal coverage.

On the wedding day

For most weddings  we  arrive 1-3  hours before ceremony.
As bride and groom are getting ready for the wedding, we start capturing  the story of your day.
The Getting ready is to capture the important moments and things on the transition to a new life.
It is an emotional and exciting time.
Last moments as single with your loved people, The location, the dress,  the clothes, the flowers,  rings, and details.
The bride and groom are getting dressed,  the blessing,  and specially the bond between friends and family who are close to you in this time.
Bride and groom get their photos alone and sometimes the bride plans for sexy lingerie shoot which is a present for the future husband.

All this is done in 1-3 hours however some couples plan more coverage hours or days before including family meetings, cocktails and events they don't want to miss.

Our best tip here is plan and confirm your timing so you can do the things you want on your own way.
This is especially true for makeup  and hair sometimes this takes longer than expected.

Ceremony, toast,  party and wedding photos

Wedding photography coverage follows your  wedding schedule.
For example if your event is 7 hours long  most probably you need 7 hours  of wedding photography plus the getting ready time.

We shoot candids all the time.
But also during this time we recommend to leave some time  for family and couple pictures alone ,
Ideally is better to have some natural light to show the location on the pictures.

If you have a long party you may consider not covering the end of your event,
Specially if you think it will be less energetic at the end.

Your wedding photography coverage ends here  some couples want sessions before and after the wedding.

Trash the Dress (TTD)(or just married session)

After the wedding trash the dress is a great opportunity to make fun photos on a great location
we recommend to leave a day or more to rest.
No worries about being crazy, fun and silly or getting wet or dirty.

Apart from resorts we have some great hotspots north and south from Puerto Vallarta.
Trash the dress is not limited to the beach we have great locations on the mountains, creeks and also some old Mexican towns nearby.
Most of couples choose from 1-4 hours, depending on how many locations you want to be in.

Engagement sessions

It is a session a few days or weeks before the wedding, the session can be casual or with your own personal style.
Normally with one or more outfits
it’s a great a chance for us to capture your love and share it with the world.
More than that, it’s an opportunity to know you and gain your trust.

Couples use this pictures for your Facebook, invitations and details at the wedding.
1 to 2 hours it is our recommendation for most of couples, there are some couples who love photography so much that they pic different locations and outfits and go for half day of adventure and shoot.

Deluxe Wedding Photo book

Deluxe Wedding Photo book is a great way to cherish and preserve your memories.
Wedding photo book will keep your wedding photography close in very convenient way for the families.
Our standard photo books are made of authentic photo paper and assembled by hand.
If you want to see more of them please check

Wedding photography tips

  • Don't expect every thing perfect, better enjoy your day
  • Meet with the photographer before the wedding or even better have an previous session
  • Get a good wedding coordinator to help you
  • Make sure and confirm is the right season to avoid rain
  • Confirm that you will have light during your ceremony and photos
  • Plan for hair and makeup with anticipation to accommodate your activities well
  • Plan for time for the shoots you want ej. couple alone, family etc.

Post process, delivery and shipping

After of your event photos and video are going to post production process.
Times vary according to what you have requested
• Gallery: 2 weeks for tone correction and digital correction, at the end we will publish your gallery so that you can enjoy and share your photos with who you want.
• Video : 4 weeks for edition
• Design and of photo books : 2 days after photos the photos are ready.
• Approval of photo books: time depends on you, we program 2 changes max per book, every change will take additional 24 hours.
• 1 week for printing photoboks (variable time depends on you shipment is made in the sig 48 hours once your material is ready
• Delivery after your material is ready we make a package. We ship it on the next 48 hours.
• We have a 48 hour delivery service when you have only digital package, this service is not available all the time.
Please confirm with us if we can do it according to our schedule.

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