Puerto Vallarta wedding photographers

Puerto Vallarta wedding photographers are great!!!, I have some great coleagues working around, certainly there we have quite a few choices to pick and we have some favorites.
We won't list all the photographer around as we know quite a few, but we will list the photographers we like and  we know and you probably would like too.
So we referred to as far as We Know the formal ones and the ones  have good photography.

Photographers are not listed in importance level, or quality level,  it's up to you to pick the one you like the best. we will just list them in an arbitrary way.

Jorge Mercado


+52 1 322 356 5903

Whenever I have the honor to witness those unrepeatable and fleeting moments, I feel the same enthusiasm of that time long ago, or yesterday? What is time after all? Knowing that only my camera and I can steal those precious moments from time and freeze them for posterity makes me find myself extremely fortunate and on the eve of every wedding, I consider myself undoubtedly...

Raul Perez Amezquita


01 322 205 4177

He offers to capture in each one of your wedding photographs, not only beautiful pictures, but also the feeling, the life and energy of your special day so that when you see them you will be able to relive everything you felt and experienced the day you started your new life.

Eder Acevedo


+52 1 322 138 9942​⁠​

He  loves moments that transcend the time through the image, feelings that emerge from photographs to touch the viewer, and people that connect and are capable of love the same way they are being loved by everyone around them.

Angel Vazquez

+52 1 322 103 2238⁠


 Jonathan Neri

+52 1 322 159 8639⁠

Dan Dimov

+52 1 322 183 7772​⁠​


Dan Dimov comes from Macedonia, Europe. He traveled the world as a professional photographer, and photographed for some of the biggest Cruise companies such as Princess, Celebrity and Carnival cruise lines.
He is a very happy photographer and couples love him.

Eva Sica



Eva is an outstanding photographer, and she is always ready to move a grand piano just to get the perfect shot. Her peaceful nature makes it possible to fully concentrate on aesthetics, and her vast experience allows her to foresee how things will develop. She has worked full time as a photographer for more than a decade after studying photography and communications in Latvia. People whom she has photographed have often become friends behind the scenes.

Joel Avdel



He's a photographer that mixes his photojournalism and classic photography to provide the best experience you can get in a shot. This way you can get real moments but also catch the beauty and the essence great light and great people.
his style is simple rather than artistic, but it's very real and very natural feel to it, it's very easy to work with, the pictures are sharp and clean, and even saw some images of very artistic.