Wedding photography tips and help for brides

Getting married in Puerto Vallarta and help for brides that will get married in Puerto Vallarta.

These are the key pointers

  • Choose the right photographer
  • Meet before the wedding or even better have an previous session
  • time and lightning
  • hair and make up
  • enjoy your day
  • Planed shoots
  • check for hotel fees

Choose the right photographer

It may sound so obvious but it is incredible how many things may take away from doing so.
This the basement of everything, a good photographer must fit in your style, service and budget.
Make some research on your photographer, find recommendations, check his portfolio and the coverage on weddings.
there is difference  in both in the portfolio you will find the best pictures, but when you see deeper  on some weddings work you can realize better what he can do for you.
Finally and important key avoid hiring budget wise, your wedding is an important day and photos the only you will have to keep those memories.
grab the best photographer you can have.
Fortunately wedding photography prices are lower than USA and Canada so budget should not be a concern.

Meet before the wedding or even better have an previous session

Meeting before the wedding with your photographer will help you to build a link of trust with your photographer, also is great opportunity to have any question answered  plus you can coordinate every detail for your wedding.
It is also very advisable  have an engagement shot  as part of your wedding package,  this a great practice not only to be in front of the camera but also to get really comfy with your photographer.
Get comfy with your photographer and have fun.
Basic postures and tips are given on a session if you already practiced some of them it will be an easy cake when you are doing your wedding photos.

Time and lightning

Sometimes time and light is not considered for photography, light changes according to different zones and seasons.
this light changes will lead to different types of photos, Ideally for most of weddings we recommend to start with light and consider that sunset is the most dramatic part of the day.
Before sunset is a great time for photos because light is not too harsh and there good light enough to have good pictures.
Puerto Vallarta gets really hot from June to October it is very uncomfortable for some people if you start to early.
In hot season ideally you start with light and once the sun is down you can start your dinner or dance.
In the fresher season you can start a little earlier to have some more light.
It is always advisable to leave some time for your pictures; also your family may want some pictures.
If you reserve some time for your photos with the best light and location you will have more chances for great pictures.

Hair and make up

Hair and make should fit your style I’m 100%  with it.
To help you with this and to help you to have a smooth day there is a couple tips I can give.
make sure your make up artist will be on time according to your schedule, and make sure the artist uses  products that work good with heat, moisture and wind.

Enjoy your day

Candid shoots make a story line of your event, a good photojournalist will be shooting those all the time.
A good photojournalist will be all around you since you are getting ready until the good action is over.
To have great candid shots the best you can do is just enjoy your day and ignore the photographer.
You don’t need to be smiling at the camera or making gestures or faces to the camera, of course you can do this but it doesn't make sense all the time.
You can ask for specific shoots any time, you photographer will help as much as he can,  meanwhile are not  asking for specific shots our best recommendation is ignore the photographer and enjoy your day.

Planed shoots

Most of great shots are produced, they are not a product of casualty some of them are planed and rehearsed.
It is very important to work on those for example a big group photo, it needs a specific light and location so it it is better plan ahead.